About Us

Ficos World is an early intervention youth-led organisation that was birthed out of the death of Fico Dougan, who was stabbed in 2013. It was started as a response to a lack of leadership within the borough of Croydon and started creating strategies to improve the lives of young people.

Founded by Sandra & Ebo Dougan, it became a bi weekly safe haven for young men and women talking about their feelings, how they've been coping with bereavement and presenting alternative ways of channelling their anger. 

Since 2013 the amount of young people we have worked with grew to over 150 young people, with our events reach including over 1000 people.  It prevented a backlash/turf wars after the death of Fico within the community which reduced crime within the borough of Croydon.

Many of the young people we have come into contact with have either gone on to start their own enterprises, higher education and onto more positive lifestyles. 

We have since collaborated with educational institutions i.e. Croydon college, East Surrey College, Carshalton College and Croydon council to be able to provide talks and workshops with young people. As well corporate companies such as Microsoft, Bombardier and Zuriel Recruitment

Our Core values:


Ficos World Promise

Our promise is that we will work hard with every young person to ensure that they achieve their full potential so no other mother or young person will suffer a loss the way we did.