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Young London: An Emergency Youth Summit

Will 2020 be the year that crime finally decreases? Young people are demanding a safer and a more prosperous future. Working together with professionals and practitioners to make sure the voice of young people are heard is just one of the goals independent Mayoral Candidate for May 2020 Nims Obunge is set on achieving. Young London is an emergency youth summit with the Mayoral Candidate in response to the brutal murder of Damani Murge, aged 17 on Sunday 8th March in Croydon. The summit will allow a collection of young people from professionals, students, entrepreneurs & more to come together to look at how current prevention are failing and why the number of youth crime and death is still increasing. Young London in partnership with the not for profit organisation Ficos World based in Croydon which provides alternative methods for young people which was birthed out of the death of Fico Dougan who also lost his life to knife crime at age 17. The summit will give young people the opportunity to have a conversation with the mayoral candidate focusing on their future in the capital.

#YoungLondon #Croydon #Change4Croydon

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